Monkey Teaching A Human

Check out this video of a monkey teaching a human how to crush a leaf. 

Brazilian Capuchin Stone Tool Use

Researchers from Oxford University, working in Brazil, found new archaeological evidence suggests that Brazilian capuchins have been using stone tools to crack open cashew nuts for at least 700 years. Researchers say, to date, they have found the earliest archaeological examples of monkey tool use outside of Africa. In their paper, published in Current Biology,... Continue Reading →

Why do monkeys pee on their feet?

The American Journal of Primatology has published a paper by primatologist Kimran Miller and colleagues, who studied urine washing behavior among a population of capuchin monkeys. Prior to this study there have been some wild claims as to why so many monkeys pee on themselves. Some of them are: Peeing one oneself helps the monkey... Continue Reading →

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