Primatology is defined as the study of non-human primates. Primates fall under an order of living organisms that belong to the mammalian class. These animals are commonly referred to chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, etc. and include humans in the taxonomical order. These animals all share a common set of characteristics that helps organize them into one category. Some of these characteristics are a large brain to body size ratio in comparison to other animals, five fingers and five toes, and forward facing eyes.

Someone who specializes in studying primates, is a primatologist. As we indicated above, people can have research interests specific to primates and ecology to the psychology of primates. Often, people have formal education and higher level college degrees in disciplines like psychology, biology or anthropology and then focus their post graduate work on primates.

Famous primatologists include Jane GoodallDian Fossey, and Frans de Waal.

Primatology.net is a blog run by a group of volunteers interested in the research, preservation, and conservation of primates. Our mission to post current research, news, book reviews, videos, and other forms of media that are related to primates.

We come from all different backgrounds. Some of us have direct experience in the care of primates, while others conduct research in the field. Examples of related topics that we will cover are ecology, psychology, biology, anthropology, medicine, as well as others.

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Kambiz Kamrani is a board certified general surgeon. He attended UC Santa Cruz as a undergraduate, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology there. He did fieldwork in Ethiopia and also worked with Koko, the gorilla, at the Gorilla Foundation. Afterwards, he completed a Masters of Science in Biology from CSU East Bay and his medical degree from St. George’s University. His general surgery residency was completed at Monmouth Medical Center.

Since June of 2006, he has maintained this site since as well as Anthropology.net. His CV can be found on his homepage, and you can find him on social media at the following locations Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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