Rare Footage Show Gorilla Sleeping Behaviors

Footage filmed for a new BBC series ‘Gorilla Family & Me’ reveals what goes on after dark. A family of endangered gorillas are led into the trees by a silverback known as Chimanuka. The clips capture them making and settling in their nests in and around a tree, the first ever film of this behavior… And at the end of their night’s secure slumber, the new footage reveals, the gorillas wake up in the early morning, beating their chests as if to greet each other, ready for a new day in the forest.


Find out more about Chimanuka and the gorillas of Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DR Congo via vEcotourism.org.

‘Gorilla Family & Me’ begins in the UK on BBC Two, Monday 21 December at 21:00 GMT.

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