Foresight & Innovation in a Devious Chimpanzee

A chimpanzee in at the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden is documented to store various projectile object to be thrown at zoo visitors at a later time. The results of this study has been published in PLoS One, “Spontaneous Innovation for Future Deception in a Male Chimpanzee.”

I think its a pretty fascinating discussion of foresight, deception and innovation. This male chimp had the foresight to identify projectiles and story them for later use. He deceived caregivers by hiding them projectiles in innovative hay stacks… All of which indicated premeditated thoughts. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Foresight & Innovation in a Devious Chimpanzee

  1. I’ve read a few accounts from Frans de Waal of similar situations with the chimpanzees at Yerkes. But in these situations one of the cheeky individuals retains a mouthful of water to spray unsuspecting visitors at a later time.

    Interesting article!

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