A Shift From Polygyny to Polygamous Mating System In Sichuan Snub-Nosed Monkeys

The saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" can sometimes be applied to primate mating system and social system. Primate social systems sometimes differ from mating systems, as evidenced by reports of field observation (although sometimes first-hand field observations mistakenly report and link primate social systems to mating systems). For example, geladas (Theropithecus... Continue Reading →

Ethnoprimatology: Human-Macaque Interaction In Sulawesi

Ethnoprimatology is defined as the approach that draws from primate socioecology, ethnoecology/environmental anthropology, and conservation biology. This approach enable us to see the multifaceted interaction between humans and nonhuman primates in a dynamic ecosystem. It seems to be something I would like to do and learn more. What's a better way to incorporate the fundamentals... Continue Reading →

The IUCN Red List: Species Of The Day

The IUCN Red List has a Species of the Day feature that highlights species that are threatened of different taxa. Everyday, a species is showcased along with information about the threats they are facing. Species of the Day for March 3, 2010 is a primate name Kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji). Kipunji are endemic to Tanzania and... Continue Reading →

Friendship In Male And Female Baboons

Laelaps has an interesting post on friendship in male and female baboons. Check out the post, "You just call out my name...": Friendships in Male and Female Baboons. Insightful hypotheses explaining the friendship between male and female baboon. Would love to read more papers and data on this. Originally posted on The Prancing Papio.

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