Japanese Macaques Floss Teeth

Earlier this year, I blogged about long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascularis) in Thailand using human hair as dental floss to clean their teeth. This behavior gives us an insight to culture transfer as mothers were observed teaching their infants how to floss repeatedly. In Kyoto, Japan, a Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) name Chonpe was observed flossing... Continue Reading →

First Molars And Life History In Living African And Asian Apes

Another interesting paper on teeth, specifically the eruption of the first molar (M1), by Jay Kelley and Gary Schwartz from The Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State University (ASU) Since the emergence of M1 correlates with many life history attributes in extant primates, data from this paper can be used to compare the life history... Continue Reading →

Global Warming Threatens Folivory Primates

Black and white colobus monkey, one of the folivory species threaten by global warming. A paper by Korstjens et al. (2009) suggests that even an annual temperature rise of 2°C would threaten folivory primates because these species would be forced to spend more time resting than foraging for food. This paper, Resting time as an... Continue Reading →

Wild Chimps Know What Fire Is … Kinda.

Jill Pruetz, an ISU associate professor of anthropology, has been studying savanna chimpanzees at her Fongoli research site in Senegal since 2001. Her new study documents how the chimps understand the fire they encounter in the region. Photo by Bob Elbert, ISU News Service. A new study by Iowa State University anthropologist Jill Pruetz suggests... Continue Reading →

Campbell’s Monkeys Language Deciphered

A group of researchers from University of St. Andrews, Scotland argues that Campbell's monkeys (Cercopithecus campbelli campbelli) have a primitive form of syntax after spending months of recording their calls as they response to both natural and artificial stimuli. Lead by Dr. Klaus Zuberbühle, the team found that male's alarm calls are made up of... Continue Reading →

This Week In Primatology

While I was away at the AAA meeting in Philadelphia, my inbox was flooded with articles on primates from behavioral to molecular level. Here's whats happening this week in primatology: Primate study halted by US university: Administrators at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater have abruptly cancelled an anthrax vaccine study that would have killed... Continue Reading →

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