Even Howler Monkeys Think Veganism Is Whack (Sorry PETA)

Alright fine. Maybe these black and gold howler monkeys are not Whitney Houston and they don't think veganism is whack but new observation had shown that these howler monkeys actually raid chicken coop (or bird nests) for eggs. Yes, for food not to paint Easter eggs. Male (left) and female (right) black and gold howler... Continue Reading →

So Adowable

A baby white-handed gibbon was born at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo to father Robert (aged 11) and mother Sipura (aged 21) on Sept 23rd. The baby was dubbed "ET" by the Vienna media after the famous Hollywood blockbuster alien although the zoo does not have an official name for the baby yet. Isn't he adorable?I can't... Continue Reading →

When Is A Monkey Really A Monkey?

A little boy pressed his nose on the glass where a Western Lowland Gorilla is interacting with the zoo-goers. He turns around to his parents with a big smile. “Oh look, the monkey wants to kiss you”, said his mother. At the lemur exhibit, a girl asks her parents what those black and white primates... Continue Reading →

Contagious Yawning in Chimpanzees

Animation of chimpanzee yawning from Emory University. Illustration from BBC News. I'm sure we are all familiar with this scenario: Someone yawns and we would "catch" it or vice versa. This is the phenomenon of contagious yawning. A new paper from The Proceedings of The Royal Society "Computer animations stimulate contagious yawning in chimpanzees" suggests... Continue Reading →

The Fongoli Chimps of Senegal

A Fongoli chimp. Photo by Frans Lanting, National Geographic. I just stumbled upon this on Twitter (Thanks to DarwinMonkey). It's a National Geographic page about the Senegalese Fongoli chimps, named after the Fongoli stream that runs through the chimpanzee's range. There are videos showing these chimps using tools fishing for termites, hunting a bushbaby and... Continue Reading →

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