Great Apes LOL Like Human Too

A baby orangutan being tickled. Photo from Discovery News. We're not the only species that are capable of laughing according to new study. Great apes are able to laugh like humans too, and they do it frequenty. This finding suggests that the last common ancestor of humans and apes also laughed around 10 to 16... Continue Reading →

Lluc, Anoiapithecus brevirostris, A New Hominoid Species from Abocador de Can Mata, Spain

By way of Afarensis is news of a new Middle Miocene hominoid species found from the Abocador de Can Mata site in Spain. It is classified as a great ape with many afropithecid and several kenyapithecine features which I'll give an overview of in a bit. Furthermore, the specimen, IPS43000, is 11.9 million years old,... Continue Reading →

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