Anjana The Chimpanzee and Two White Tigers, Mitra & Shiva

11 thoughts on “Anjana The Chimpanzee and Two White Tigers, Mitra & Shiva

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  1. “this is gods blessings, What a picture! – Brina”

    Oh the sweet, sweet taste of irony. There’s nothing like evidence that Chimpanzee’s are more closely related to humans and that they exhibit what were previously thought of as only human traits to clearly show “gods blessings”.

  2. This is so beautiful, how two totally different species can show such love for each other. If every human in the world can be this loving and care free for everyone around them even other kinds of animals the world would be a wonderful place. The way animals show emotion is amazing. They show emotion just as much as humans do people just don’t pay attention, but it is always there. Animals will tell you what they want and need if you listen just because they can’t talk and cry and yell doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling. They get sad and mad and hurt just like everyone else, it’s horrible knowing some people in the world just don’t understand that.

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