Anjana The Chimpanzee’s Bond With Two White Tigers

A couple of the most popular posts of all time, here at, have been the cute-overload-esque ones, such as the baby macaque and white pigeon friendship and the orangutan and Sumatran tiger bond. Similar to the latter story, a new one has emerged of a chimpanzee named Anjana ‘adopting’ two white tiger cubs named Mitra and Shiva, over at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in South Carolina.

The story behind the adoption revolves around Anjana’s caregiver, China York, and the bond they share. China raised Anjana and Anjana has mimicked her human caregiver in caring for other animals at the institute, such as the new born white tiger cubs. The Daily Mail has more details, so jump on over there once you had your fill on the images.

29 thoughts on “Anjana The Chimpanzee’s Bond With Two White Tigers

  1. this is beautiful, however how will Anjna feel when the cubs are taken away from her when they grow?

  2. I hope that everyone that sees this video takes the time to educate themselves about chimpanzee. My question is what is going to happen to the ‘cute’ chimpanzee when she is too old to handle? She is about 5 years old which is young for a chimp in a couple of years she is not going to be easy to handle and very very strong. Will she go to a biomedical research to suffer invasive research or used as a breeder for more chimps for research which by the way these facilities are funded by our tax dollars? Will she go to a roadside zoo and suffer? Or will she be one of the lucky few that get to a sanctuary. This is not cute, not entertaining at all, it’s very sad and exploitative. I don’t know about this TIGERS but I seriously question their ethics and motives by the use of this chimp.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    I understand your concern about the wellfare of these animals. Looking at the T.I.G.E.R. site, they do seem to have the animals’ interests at heart, but I cannot get a clear picture of their long term plans and ability to house these animals in a responsible manner.

    What is clear is that they work with wild animals commercially and the animals they train appear in movies. This tells me that they are under close scrutiny of the US animal wellfare organisations, otherwise movie makers won’t work with them.

    Of course one way to get your questions answered is to contact the organisation and ask, rather than assume the worst. By asking respectful questions and offering ideas to make things better we can achieve alot!

  4. Debbie got owned, if you’re that concerned about the animals welfare – get off the computer and go research the perceived threat.

  5. T.I .G.E.R also will take pictures of you with wild animals….
    They are definately in it for the money…..

    1. EVERYTHING takes money! How do you think they can care for and do what they do with out the money. Then sometimes its a good feeling to be able to reward yourself for doing something good!

      So, what do you do that your not in it for the money?


  7. This is a company that exploits exotic animals for money, which is not cute.

    1. It takes money to care for all of these animals. If their website is truthful, they also fund other things with proceeds. I can’t completely agree this constitutes “exploitation”. What is really important is the animals’ health and well-being.

  8. They’re trying to preserve endangered species, and need funds to make their feeding and care possible…so what if they charge you for a photo? You can always choose not to have one taken, or to simply make an earmarked donation if you care so much. As for letting Anjana care for babies – notice that they’re letting her do that, not forcing her, simply because it seems to give her so much satisfaction and purpose – again, what’s the problem? We praise people who do that.


    Zoo’s do the same thing, Why arn’t you preaching about them?? These animals are happy, without a mother those cubs would not have survived in the wild

  10. For better or worse, human expansionism will continue, and these animals will continue to be misplaced, endangered, and outright killed.

    The best way to prevent this is by educated us ignorant humans. That is what zoos, and projects like this do, educate.

  11. T.I.G.E.R.S. always take such brilliant photos. They are masters of publicity and for that they impress me BUT they do zero for conservation or for animals in general… in spite of what their website says.
    This is a juvenile chimp which should be with its mother and not doing staged photos with tigers which should also be with their mother. The tigers are ‘white’ and therefore not in any breeding programme, because there isn’t one for aberrations of nature. Is the chimp in a studbook anywhere? I doubt it. Doc Antle is a very clever man but he is in it for the money.

    1. Peter – “not in any breeding programme” and “aberrations of nature”? What on earth are you talking about? White tigers do occur in nature (albeit rarely), and they breed in captivity easily enough that they are quite common now.

      1. Terran – A breeding programme seeks to maintain species and subspecies of animals long term by selective choice of proper unrelated or distant related mates. This involves cooperation of many zoos.
        The White Tigers do NOT fit in here at all. They are the result of crossing brother to sister and mother to son time and again just to get white animals. It is NOT natural and as may be expected by such close breedings many deformed animals are born and so destroyed. Breeding and Breeding Programmes are two different things.
        True enough White BENGAL Tigers have occurred in the wild in the dim and distant past and may do so again. I have no problem with that in nature. The captive white tiger population have been crossed with AMUR tigers. This to deliberately create bigger animals. A subspecific cross which would NEVER meet in the wild.
        The captive white tiger population has nothing to do with conservation. It is purely exploitative commercial gain.
        Learn more here:

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