Spinning Silverback

Leaving stoic stereotypes behind, this silverback shows his playful side with a caregiver.  Having no idea what the TV show is about, I find it best to watch the video without any sound. Thanks to the Tonia at the Gorilla Keepers Forum for pointing it out!

Dutch Biologist Receives 14-year Sentence

One of Time Magazine's "Hero's for the Planet 2000", known for discovering new species (Callicebus bernhardi, Callicebus stephennashi, etc.) and focusing his attentions on protecting the rainforest has been convicted of failing to apply for a permit on behalf of the monkey refuge in his Brazilian home. It seems that without the permit (or license)... Continue Reading →

Ndakasi’s Dead Mother, Rubiga

Yesterday I shared with you news about the recently orphaned baby gorilla, Ndakasi. In today's post I will show you a graphic photo of his dead mother. Her name is Rubiga, and she was shot in the back of the head. A autopsy confirmed this, removing two bullets from the back of her head. I... Continue Reading →

Testing Chimpanzees for Cultural Transmission

The amount of evidence that is out there in support of chimpanzee culture is rather overwhelming if you ask me. Most primatologists will agree that these socially, intellectually, and emotionally complex great apes have unique behaviors and learning systems that begin to mimic our own cultures and social structures. In a new Current Biology research... Continue Reading →

Rhesus Macaques are Statisticians

There's new research coming out from Nature that shows us rhesus macaques are really tuned into statistics and probabilities, they may even have neurons specialized to calculate probabilities. But don't get your hopes up too high... these monkeys will not be your bookies or be crunchin' gout some gnarly ANOVA tests with p-value significance. What... Continue Reading →

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