Quickie on Orangutan Bipedalism

Primatology.net has a sister site, if you don't know already, and that's Anthropology.net. This evening I put up a post there that may interest any one keen to primate locomotion and/or human evolution. The post is specifically on orangutan locomotion, specifically on how some researchers have observed a set of Sumatran Orangutans exhibit bipedal tendencies.... Continue Reading →

Palm Oil Industry and the displacement of Orangutans

Before I jump into this article, I want to thank to Dave, one of our faithful visitors and commenters, who took the time to send us this Reuters news article on the current state of orangutan conservation. You should know already that orangutans are severely endangered, their populations are on the verge of genetic collapse,... Continue Reading →

Changing our site name to Primatology.net

As you may have already noticed, I've decided to change our site's name. I've done so because I own run Anthropology.net and want to match this site to that. Furthermore, Primatology.org is not so much an organization, as denoted by old the domain name. If anything we are a network of people interested in primatologists,... Continue Reading →

Using Macaques to treat Parkinson’s Disease

I consider Pakinson's a very devastating neurodegenerative disease because the affected individuals are fully aware of their degeneration. Unlike Alzheimer's, where individuals become jaded as the disease progresses, individuals with Parkinson's are very conscious of what's happening or actually what's not functioning correctly -- and they can't do a thing about it! So some new findings... Continue Reading →

Digital Morphology Database and Primatology

For you osteology buffs out there, I want to let you know about the Digital Morphology database, if you don't already know about it. I actually didn't know about it myself, until I read about an extinct platyrrhine, Tremacebus harringtoni, from Afarensis' 'know your primate' periodical. The Digital Morphology (DigiMorph) database currently has about 400... Continue Reading →

Chimpanzee Sit-Ups

From time to time I like to put up a funny primate related piece of media to break the monotony that sometimes is 'hardcore' science. Considering, we just had a row of such material, here's a video that you may enjoy. I for one got a good chuckle out of it. Though sometimes the animals... Continue Reading →

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